Feel the speed

Feel the speed with Astucemedia's Motorsports Module, where every turn, lap, and checkered flag is captured through dynamic, real-time data and visualizations. Our technology puts you in the driver's seat, offering a viewing experience that tracks live race data, driver standings, and team performance.


Real-time racing data visualization from start to finish

The Astucemedia Motorsports Module is the web interface configured to ingest, manage, and display all incoming data feeds from the world's most popular motorsport championships. The module delivers detailed performance metrics, team information, and race conditions, ensuring enthusiasts receive the most comprehensive and immersive motorsport coverage. 

Our open platform is scalable in size and depth and focused on efficiency and innovation, offering a fully customized and reliable experience.

And with the integration of real-time data visualization, you're guaranteed to keep racing fans engaged from the warm-up lap to the checkered flag. 


Manage data collection, visualization, and monitoring

With our centralized solution, the technical difficulty of data collection, visualization, and monitoring is toned down to the minimum, letting sports presenters focus entirely on the quality of the broadcast.  

Producers and content editors can quickly search for a custom group of data or interactive graphics, update it, and push it on-air through the web interface. The platform supports data from Stats Perform and OPTA. 


Bring viewers closer to the race

With our Motorsport Module, you bring data to life with engaging graphics and visualizations. Connect viewers to the race with live interactive data visualization for in-race events. 

Enhance the viewer experience by displaying live data for race distance, pole speed and time, fastest time, lead changes, and other in-race events. See more examples of interactive visualizations below.

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