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From data management to creative execution. We create and develop extraordinary, immersive graphic environments that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

Partner with us and unlock your brand's full potential through our unrivaled technological prowess and a wealth of creative expertise. 

We experiment in real-time and welcome you to our Creative Lab in Montreal.

Fully centralized services to cover all your needs

Crafting immersive experiences across media

Our creative team specializes in overcoming the unique challenges of broadcast and digital media and other sectors reliant on impactful visualizations. From launching TV channels to creating museum exhibits or enhancing live events, we bridge technology and design to deliver immersive experiences tailored to diverse industry needs.

Focusing on creating engaging graphic environments, our work captivates audiences across any platform. Our expertise in visual design and branding ensures your projects not only stand out but also leave a lasting impression.

supporting new technologies

We experiment
with our custom Lab.

In 2012, we invested in our multidisciplinary approach by building a Creative Lab just a few steps from the main office in Montreal. This lab is at the core of our experimentation process and provides us with the tools we need to not only design, ideate, prototype, and iterate but also test our products and projects on the most up-to-date technology. This saves our clients considerable time, money, and logistical headaches.

Our product is designed and tested to perform reliably on your equipment.

Fully centralized services to cover all your needs

Our creative services

With our creative services, you are sure to build a memorable and impactful graphic environment for your projects.


Channel branding & show opener

Our unique team is made of creatives who continuously push the boundaries, not only within our own selves but also with our clients. At Astucemedia - think outside the box is not just a part of the process: it’s how we grow, reach and exceed our full potential.

Virtual Set & XR

Our creative services involve designing and developing content and environment to provide users with engaging and realistic experiences within virtual, extended or augmented environments.

UI & UX Services

Our user Experience (UX) services play a crucial role in creating user-centric and successful digital experiences. Our UX expertise aim to create products that are intuitive and user needs effectively.


Videowalls GFX

Our immersive videowall services combines interactive technology and multiple screens seamlessly tiled together to create a unified, immersive visual experience. Our technology is  used in various settings to provide an engaging and captivating visual experience for the audience.

On-air GFX

Our on-air graphics design services encompass the creation of visually stunning and dynamic graphics. Combining exceptional design skills, technical proficiency, storytelling prowess, and effective collaboration we deliver visually stunning, informative, and engaging graphics that elevate the overall broadcast experience.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Combination of our artistic vision, technical expertise, and user-centered design, we deliver compelling and immersive AR experiences with impactful and memorable experiences that captivate and engage viewers.

A multidisciplinary team

As a multidisciplinary team, Astucemedia works with all the tools at our disposal. We work with the engine(s) your staff already uses and partner with Unreal, Unity, Ventuz, Vizrt, Xpression, Intuiface Zero Density, Pixotope, tc. combinations of the above and more, often, to provide the most painless integration in the industry.

Astucemedia has modeled its creative lab after large broadcasting studios to include equipment such as Black Magic studio cameras, Stype light tracking, Fujinon portable lenses, AJA streaming and broadcasting solutions, a 75” Planar touch screen, a 3x3 videowall simulation, as well as 20’ Green Cyclorama. Equipped with the latest technology in the industry, our setup allows us to experiment with graphics synchronization and logistics, iterate as needed, and in the process erase all logistical strains from our clients’ experience.



The creative lab experience

Hands-on Experience

Virtual Set Design & Production
Channel Branding
Augmented Reality
Design & Production

Green Space

Black Magic
Stype (light tracking)
75” Planar Touch Screen
Videowall simulation (3x3)
20’ Green Cyclorama

AR, Virtual & Extended Reality partners

Unreal Engine
Zero Density

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We invite you to book an introductory call to discuss your next project and explore how our creative team can assist. We can build memorable and impactful interactive graphic environments, channel branding and show openers, on-air graphics, AR and VR sets, UI experiences, and more. 

Partner with us and unlock your brand's full potential through our unrivaled technological prowess and a wealth of creative expertise.

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