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With advanced data display and tracking, telemetry, interactive graphics and augmented reality, we bring the world’s largest sports events to life.

Astucemedia Centralized Data Suite

Details make big moments.

When it comes to live sports and in-studio production, the best teammates to help you bring an exciting dimension to game coverage are the Astucemedia Sports Modules.  

Astucemedia’s Sports Modules are game-coverage winning teammates.

All our Sports Modules offer everything you need from live streams, advanced analysis, automation tools, quick editing, heatmaps, player stats and rankings for the world’s biggest sports leagues. All these features are easily controlled from our web interface to get the highlights to the fans first.  Our Sports Modules are the best analysis tools to engage your viewers in an exciting and immersive game for a large sports range.  

in-game visualization
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Step up your game with interactive graphics & application

Created in collaboration with sports experts, our user interface and general usability patterns let you bring your audience closer to the game. Our interactive broadcast solutions and products include a Sport Interactive App that provides presenters with the tools they need to show and analyze in-game events through easy navigation and usability.  

Multiple Data Providers

Automated data acquisition from multiple providers across any module, featuring support for live data feeds overTCP/UDP, Websockets, SDKs, files or API-based - integrated into the streamlined workflow.

Real-time Data and Statistics

Our interactive products provide up-to-date and accurate real-time data and statistics, such as scores, player information, heatmao and game insights. This data are easily accessible and displayed in a visually appealing and intuitive manner (data visualisation).

Personalization and Customization

Our sports interactive products allows you to personalize the experience based on your preferences. This can include customizable dashboards, notifications for favorite teams or players, and the ability to choose content that cater to your audience interests.

Social Interaction

Our product foster social interaction among fans & viewers, creating a sense connection. This include features such as live chat and social media sharing to ensure that your broadcast coverage stand out from the crowd.

Data Visualisation & Analysis

Our product provide high-quality data visualisation that transport fans into the heart of the action and create an engaging experience.

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Team up with our creative services.

When it comes to creating a truly memorable and impactful sports broadcast event, our Creative Team goes beyond mere aesthetics to craft innovative solutions that leverage valuable moments to their fullest potential.

Our approach centers around monetizing these moments, transforming them into opportunities for enhanced audience engagement and sponsor integration. With our collaborative and forward-thinking approach, we work closely with sports experts and you to understand the specific goals and requirements. Leveraging our deep understanding of the sports industry and the latest technological advancements, we design solutions that maximize the impact of your broadcast events.

Fully centralized services to cover all your needs

Our creative services include

From data management to creative execution. Our technology and creative experience make us an ideal partner to understand the challenges of branding from a broadcast perspective


Channel branding & show opener

Our sports-passionate creative team is comprised of talented individuals who consistently strive to break new ground, not only within ourselves but also alongside our clients. At Astucemedia, "thinking outside the box" isn't just a step in the process; it's the winning formula that propels us to grow, excel, and surpass our full potential.

Virtual Set & XR

Our creative services involve designing and developing sports content and environment to provide viewers with engaging and realistic experiences within virtual, extended or augmented environments.

UI & UX 

Our user Experience (UX) services play a crucial role in creating user-centric and successful digital experiences. Our UX expertise aim to create products that are intuitive and user needs effectively.

Videowalls GFX

Our immersive videowall services combines interactive technology and multiple screens seamlessly tiled together to create a unified, immersive visual sports experience. Our technology is  used in various settings to provide an engaging and captivating sports experience for the audience.

On-air GFX

Our on-air graphics design services encompass the creation of visually stunning and dynamic sports graphics. Combining exceptional design skills, sports-passionate, technical proficiency, storytelling prowess, and effective collaboration we deliver visually stunning, informative, and engaging graphics that elevate the overall sports broadcast experience.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Combination of our artistic vision, sports technical expertise, and user-centered design, we deliver compelling and immersive AR experiences with impactful and memorable sports experiences that captivate and engage viewers.


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