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Reinvent the way audiences engage with your exhibits, public displays, concerts, and live events.

Immersive Experience

Unlock a world of captivating experiences for museum exhibitions, live music shows, and cultural events. We specialize in elevating your storytelling, delivering immersive real-life encounters, engaging visitors, and expanding your reach.

With our innovative thinking, unwavering reliability, and deep technical and operational expertise, we redefine the way you captivate audiences, leaving lasting impressions that resonate.


Design & develop the
next-generation of digital museum experiences.

With the constant evolution of the digital world, and the realities of today, visitors and audience are expecting a new kind of museum experience. Astucemedia recognizes this reality and instigates change with a next-generation of digital museum, supporting new technologies to provide visitors with a inspiring digital experience.

A unique visitor experience is possible with modular and extendable templates. We wireframe the visitor experience and key moments of your storyline in collaboration with your team to mark the high points of the exhibition journey and add immersive experiences to them.

Astucemedia exhibition builder

Interactive digital experience in active space, creating audience touch-points and engagement.

Our effectiveness at creating and deploying creative digital templates reduce the complexity of creating and building exhibition and optimize the visitor & user experience.

Astucemedia highly experienced technical team facilitates high tech cloud-based solution allowing the centralized management of content, graphic templates, and animations. We can embed logic and link data sources to maximize efficiency and productivity, including centrally collect statistical data on visitor usage.

Custom template

A fully dynamic and flexible centralized solution, including templates that is ergonomically designed, creating greater audience touch-points and engagement.

Easy to use interface

The Astucemedia Exhibition Builder interface configuration has been created in collaboration with user experience experts and includes user interface & general usability patterns. Our UI focuses on anticipating what users might need to do and facilitate those actions, including inclusive & accessible design.

Dynamic & flexible solution

Modular and extendible templates, which can be combined with each other. Components are divided into different compartments according to their purpose and functionality.

Digital convergent

In line with the digitally convergent, the solution aims to be future proof, including a storing and managing platform in a secure central system.

Connectivity & interactivity  

Our solution that includes personalized, dynamic and flexible interactive templates, can be used over hundreds of different screen ratios and technologies, videowall, AR, VR, interactive, immersive and mobile.

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Multimedia events

From data to immersive events.

Embark on a groundbreaking journey with our cutting-edge technology and creative prowess, as we redefine event experiences for the world. From mesmerizing concerts and captivating shows to thrilling sports events, our mission is create unforgettable experiences.

Through our unique approach, we create immersive worlds that leave a lasting impact, making every encounter a truly extraordinary and unparalleled adventure.

Fully centralized services to cover all your needs

Design & develop the
next-generation of digital &
virtual experiences.

Our technology and creative experiences make us an ideal partner to understand the challenges of museums & cultural events.

We are the data artists and engineers who work behind the scenes to build unique visual and interactive experiences that captivate audiences.  

Creative Services

Our unique team is made of creatives who continuously push the boundaries, not only within our own selves but also with our clients. At Astucemedia - think outside the box is not just a part of the process: it’s how we grow, reach and exceed our full potential.

Virtual & Extended Environment

Our creative services involve designing and developing content and environment to provide users with engaging and realistic experiences within virtual, extended or augmented environments.

UX Services

Our user Experience (UX) services play a crucial role in creating user-centric and successful digital experiences. By focusing on understanding users, optimizing interactions, and prioritizing usability, our UX expertise aim to create products that are intuitive and user needs effectively.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Our AR services enables new ways of visualizing information and data enhancing user experiences, and bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.


UI Tool Kit

Inclusive & accessible user interactive design, our customized reactive and responsive UI tool kit system can be used accross multi digital platforms.

Interactive immersive videowalls

Our interactive immersive videowall services combines interactive technology and multiple screens seamlessly tiled together to create a unified, immersive visual experience. The interactive element allows viewers to engage with content, navigate through different layers or sections, trigger animations or effects, and manipulate the visuals in real-time. Our technology is commonly used in various settings such as museums, exhibitions, cultural event, and interactive installations to provide an engaging and captivating visual experience for the audience.

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