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We adapt our designs and products to the tools you already use so your team is ready to go the moment we deliver.

Astucemedia Partners

At Astucemedia, we know that different companies use different paths and setups even when aiming for similar outcomes. To save our clients any overhaul pains, we’ve developed our products in partnership with these industry giants, making sure that our creations serve you, no matter which one (or combination) of these pre-existing tools you use:

Vizrt, short for Visualization in Real-Time, creates content production, management, and distribution tools for the digital media industry. Its products include applications for the creation of real-time 3D graphics and maps, sports analysis visualization, media assets management, and single workflow solutions for the digital broadcast industry.

Ventuz is a node-based production and design environment for creating presentations, video wall content, interactive applications, broadcast graphics and experiential design projects.

Unreal Engine is a 3D computer graphics game engine developed by Epic Games. Initially developed for PC first-person shooters, it has since been used in a variety of genres of games and has seen adoption by other industries, most notably the film and television industry.

Grass Valley manufactures television production and broadcasting equipment. Its product line includes cameras, live production switchers, replay and highlights products, media storage, editing, asset management, modular infrastructure, routing, conversion equipment, control, monitoring, and automated playout, sold as hardware, software and software as a service (SaaS).

Avid Technology specialises in audio and video; specifically, digital non-linear editing (NLE) systems, video editing software, audio editing software, music notation software, management, and distribution services. Avid products are often used in the television and video industry to create television shows, feature films, and commercials.

XPression is a fast-growing real-time motion graphics generation system. XPression uses intelligent caching to provide real-time access to content so there is no lag between keyboard entry and system operation. It is made to be designer-friendly, scalable, flexible, and widely used around the world.

Unity is a game engine that supports a variety of desktop, mobile, console and virtual reality platforms. The engine can be used to create 3D, 2D, and interactive content, as well as other experiences. Unity has been adopted by industries outside video gaming, such as television, film, automotive, architecture, engineering, and construction.

Have your own in-house engine and development team? We support that too and will be happy to work with your team to help make your projects a reality.

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